GIS Photo Mapping

Aerial photomapping involves creating a super detailed 2D as well as a 3D map using vertical aerial photographs with a special, high resolution GPS camera, of a site. This method results in a gigapixel map with a resolution of up to 5cm/pixel. We can use existing or complete new aerial photography and provide from that exceptional detail including ground profiles, DEMs and digital photomaps.Using the latest, most innovative UAV technology, Flying Camera Productions is able to offer up-to-date, on demand, accurate digital stereo aerial photography. Using a UAV we overcome the issues associated with traditional aircraft to produce a more flexible and cost effective solution. The resulting imagery is in stereo and is accurate, allowing for traditional photogrammetric uses such as DTM and 3D modelling.

We can produce fully orthorectified, high resolution data that can easily be integrated into any GIS ready for mapping and analysis or can be simply viewed in a variety of off the shelf software. We can map and analyse the data for you as a complete solution. There is even an option to produce Colour Infrared Imagery for crop monitoring.